AN ESCAPE FROM REALITY TO .. DEATH The Tunisian reality : Illegal Immigration

The shocking numbers of illegal migrants in Tunisia, makes it necessary for the authorities to bring about radical changes in their policies so as to put an end-or at least to minimize – the outbreak of this plague,in terms of velocity and pace.

Now, we should make it clear, from the very beginning, that grappling with such social illnesses needs a cooperative effort.

All the members of society should be alert. Families make better societies. They are, indeed, the basic unit and the principal key for a « healthy » community, as They are considered to be the first educational setting in our lives ; and around which everything else is shaped : our way of thinking, our habits, our behaviors, and our personalities and values. As a matter of fact, the family has a predominant role in raising the awareness of their children, and sensiblising them to issues of that kind.

Studies carried by several specialists, have shown that illegal immigration reached a peak after the Tunisian revolution.

Tens of flimsy vessels head for Lampedusa, on daily basis, carrying people who are hoping for a better life conditions and who are leaving behind crying mothers and overwhelmed fathers.

Lampedusa became the ideal destination for migrants from the Magreb because of its physical proximity . Since the revolution around 30 000 Tunisian have arrived to Lampedusa.

It has been reported , that an overwhelming majority of migrants are from places like Sidi Bouzid, Kasserine, Kairouan, and Gafsa where 24% of them are students ; 30% are aged 30 to 34, and only 2% are over the age of 40. Therefore, we shall say that people under the age of 30 are more likely to be attracted by smugglers who seize the chance and take an advantage of the desperate situation of those migrants. They are easy targets because they believe that  escaping is their last chance to change their reality , when in fact they are only going to the «  unknown » that could be.. to death.

All those alarming numbers mentioned above highlight the rampancy of this phenomenon. The government must take the necessary measures in dealing with this epidemy. Altogether, organizations have to take the lead in confronting this issue through launching national awareness campaigns, and the likes.

Let us just hope that one day this issue will come to an end..

Amira Ben Hassen

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